5 Hospital Bag Must Haves

Here I am, almost 35 weeks pregnant and I realized I haven’t even thought about a hospital bag yet. 

I guess with your second kid it’s so different. I spend my days working from home and chasing a rambunctious toddler around, where as when I was pregnant with my first I had all day to sit around and prepare for little mans arrival. Thinking back I had my bag packed around 30 weeks, and needless to say it was FULL of unnecessary things. 
Really, I think my fiancé had worse back pain that I did trying to lug all of our things into the hospital! 

So this time around I thought I’d share what I’ll be packing in my bag-minus all the fluff-because let’s be real. The hospital keeps you pretty well stacked while you’re there, it’s when you get home that you want to make sure you have all the extras waiting for you. 

Without further ado

My top 5 hospital Bag Items

1.) Comfy Clothes
Unless you’re the rare breed of human that finds plastic hospital gowns super irresistibly comfortable (breeze against your buttcheeks and all), you’re going to pack some comfy clothes. If you plan on staying the full allotted time -usually around 3 days- you’re not going to want to stay in a frumpy hospital gown. 

I suggest a very loose fitting pair of sweatpants or pajama pants and a loose fitting shirt to match. Not everyone’s stomach immediately returns to pre-pregnant size right away so make sure it’s large enough to fit your baby(less) bump. 

If you’re planning on taking a shot at breastfeeding my #1 shirt recommendation would be one of the old fashion type pajama tops that buttons up. Paired with a nursing bra it makes for easy booby access, and after just pushing a small human out of you you’re going to appreciate anything that makes your life easier. 

2.) Granny Panties

The hospital will most likely provide you with a pair of mesh, barely there panties but I much more preferred just brining along a pack of big ol’ granny panties. Make sure you buy a pack specifically for this purpose because there is a 99% chance they are going to be ruined, never to be worn again. 

3.) Your own robe

This goes along with the hospital gown observation of #1. Plus sometimes a fuzzy robe from home can be a comfort thing, for you and your baby to snuggle up in!

4.) Snacks

Depending on your doctor and how you’re laboring your labor team could advise against eating certain things,or at all, during labor. I was the stubborn one who didn’t listen to their recommendation and decided to munch on Doritos when I was in labor. 

Queue viciously commuting Doritos and being scarred from eating them for months. 

But luckily snacks can be a good thing to have on hand afterward! Trust me, birthing a baby takes a lot out of you and leaves you with an appetite. And you’d be surprised at how hungry you’ll be when there isn’t a baby pushing up against your stomach!

Dining staff can’t always get your food to you right away, and with your hormones racing who’s telling what a hungry momma bear will do! Packing some light snacks to keep your energy up between meals is a good idea. 

5.) Chargers & Electronics 

So you had your little bundle of joy. What’s next? You want to share him with the world! You go to take an adorable snap of him sleeping and-


You forgot your charger. 

What now? 

Make sure you have all of your camera and phone chargers in your bag as you’re leaving! It saves you the hassle of having your hubby run home or to the store for one! Plus you can take all the pictures you want without having to worry about conserving battery!

As for older siblings and spouses the same rules apply, less is more! 
There you have it, my top 5 Hopsital Bag Must Haves! A lot of the other things (heavy duty pads, ice packs, pain killers, etc) your hospital will have readily available for you. And if you ask nicely they’ll stick you up for your time at home! No need to weigh your bag down with unnecessary items!
Let me know what was in your hospital Bag in the comments! 


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