Is breast REALLY best?

Now hold on, hold on. Put down your pitch forks mamas!
I promise this isn’t the typical post you were expecting.

Simply by looking at the title I know a lot of you were probably jumping into defense mode, ready to pounce, and that is what this post is about.

If you’re sitting like this right now, confused but eager to hear more, read on. There’s some major truth bombs coming your way.

Is breast really best?

In 1867 Justus Von Liebig, a german scientist, invented formula. The poor guy just wanted to improve the quality of baby food, but with it he sparked a debate. 

That is a debate that has been tearing women apart since, well, the creation of formula itself.

And after lasting for over a century the it’s getting old.

I’m throwing in the towel and calling bullshit on it all.

The truth is science has made amazing advancements, and formula has save the loves of so many babies that it’s insane to even argue about anymore.

The question you should be asking isn’t “Is breast really best?” It’s “Is breast really best for me?”


Because every mom/baby/child/& family are different, so are their circumstances.

Some women simply cannot Breastfeeding, and that’s okay. You know why?

Because science has invented a way for something that was once a death sentence for your child to be an easy fix.

Let’s face it, being a new mom is hard enough. The world is already going to judge you for so many things, why make it harder?

Fed is best. Nourished is best. Alive is best.

If formula is the reason your baby is all of those things, there’s no shame in that.

To the new mom reading this trying to make the decision, go with your gut. It knows where to take you.

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