10 Ways To Make Money As A Stay At Home Mom


Not many years ago being a stay at home mom could have meant a financial death sentence for you an your family. Staying at home with with your children meant relying on only one income.

Fortunately a magical invention called the internet swept in and changed the game, for all of us.

Seriously, think about it. You now can communicate with (and sell to) people from across the globe in real time. Something that, just 20 years ago, was nearly impossible.

With all that being said you might be wondering how you, and your family, can cash in on all these technological advancements. It’s not easy (is anything easy while raising kids?) and it’s definitely not something you’ll get rich quick from, but it’s possible. I’ve been a work from home mom for about 6 months now and I’m slowly learning more and more about the momtreprenuer life. Plus, financial freedom to work for myself and set my own schedule kicks ass.

Want to join the group of boss moms raising babies and businesses?

Here’s 10 ways you can make money from home!

1.) Etsy

Etsy is a site where you can sell handmade items, crafts, and art. If you’re crafty or have an eye for design this could be perfect for you! It’s super simple to set up a store front and start selling.

Plus you can always expand your business by signing up to get a free etsy card reader. You simply plug the card reader into the headphone jack of your cellphone and BOOM! You can sell your crafts and art in person at craft fairs, etc. and take cards.

It’s another way to achieve financial freedom doing what you love! (And you seem super professional when you have the ability to take digital payments)

2.) Reselling on Ebay

Ebay is basically like a huge online rummage sale, if you think about it. One that runs all year long and people can get into bidding wars over your precious nic nacks!

And, let’s face it, who doesn’t have extra junk laying around the house that they could part with?

All you need to do is set up an ebay account and connect your paypal and voila! You’re ready to start selling.

You could even expand your business in the future by going to second hand shops and garage sales, finding diamonds in the rough, fixing them up, and reselling them on ebay for a lot more! You’d be surprised at some of the awesome things you can find if you look hard enough.

3.) Childcare

I’m not too sure on the legal requirements of this one, I’m sure depending on how you’re going to do it the laws are different in each state. But childcare can be an awesome way for SAHM’s to make some extra cash, plus you obviously already have experience with kids! You could either go through the legal process of becoming a certified in home daycare, or sign up for Care.com and find work that way! Plus your kiddos will have some little ones around to play with!

4.) Freelance Article Writing

Freelance writing is something I’ve started dabbling in within the last few months, and surprisingly when you know your niche, and have great writing voice it’s not too hard! Plus, there are tons of websites, blogs, and companies that are looking to pay freelancers for their wisdom and time! Many of which start at $50+ for an article!

Some sites that pay for articles on parenting are:

Just Parents UK


Stork guide

Click here for an awesome list of paying sites from Make A Living Writing.

To find even more opportunities simply google search “Write for us____” and fill in the blank with the subject you’re interested in. (“Write for us parenting”; or “Write for us technology”)

5.) Blogging

We’re sticking with the theme of writing for a few more points, moving on to the magical concept of blogging! You’re currently reading this article on a blog, (In case you didn’t know it) and it’s fairly simple to start and monetize one. There are a bazillion posts on the web about how to do this, so a simple pinterest search will give you everything you need.

Who knows, maybe one day I’ll write a post about it to add to your feed.

Until then, happy searching!

6.) Self Publish Books

Another one of my work from home “jobs” is that I’m an independent author, meaning I write and publish my own books. No need for approval of a publishing house or agent, I do all the work myself. This is another nice option if you have a way with words because the possibilities are endless. Basically you get out what you put in. Amazon is currently the power house for ebooks, and if you’d like to publish print versions of your books, they do that too!

How to get started:

If you’d like to publish ebooks, there are a few ways to do it.

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing – Sign up for an account and publish directly through Amazon. If you make your book exclusive to kindle (meaning that’s the only place the book can be found and purchased) you’ll recieve a higher royalty rate.

Nook– Signing up with Nook makes your ebook available through the Barnes & Noble platform.

Draft2Digital-If you’d like to offer your book on a wider spectrum of platforms but don’t want to go through the painstakingly slow process of uploading it individually to each one D2D is perfect. You upload your book, info, and cover to one site and they’ll distribute it to the others for you, making it available across a lot of platforms. Their tools also help you track your sales and moeny made as a whole, isntead of having to check each individual platform.

Smashwords– Smashwords, like D2D distributes your book to the appropriate channels.

If you’d like a print version:

Createspace– You upload your print ready manuscript and cover, and they do the rest. They also partner with Amazon so you’ll be able to have the print version AND ebook version of your book up on the same page. Plus they offer discounted Author Copies (about 4$ plus shipping) where as if you choose to go through amazon alone, they do not offer.

Ingramspark– I don’t have much experience with Ingram Spark, but i hear they operate liek Createspace. The only difference being they charge you, create space is free.

Things you could write about:


Self Help Books

Parenting books

Books on marketing

Short Stories

Children’s books


7.) Telemarketer

If you have a separate phone line, high speed internet, laptop, and headset you have all you need to be a telemarketer. Look on Indeed for work from home telemarketing positions (also called “remote” positions). A lot of people would like you to have past experience with telemarketing or cold calling but some are willing to train you!

8.) Virtual Assistant

If you’re good at delegating tasks, creating documents, etc You could be a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant is just that, an assistant that works virtually with bloggers, entrepreneurs, and businesses to help them succeed! There are some great articles out there on how to get started with this, just search “How to become a virtual assistant”.

9.) Answering Surveys

This isn’t something I’ve done personally but I know some others have and had success with it. You answer surveys, give your opinion, and in return are compensated. Some sites and companies don’t give actual money, but give a form of their own currency or points that, after a while, can be traded in for things with actual monetary value.

Some great survey sites:


Harris Poll Online

Survey Voices

10.) Youtube

If you have a bubbling personality, strong opinions, review products or simply want to document your life YouTube can be an awesome way to make money! Of course, just like anything else, it takes time to build a following and be in a place where you can monetize. But a lot of mommy bloggers have also added mommy VLOGGING to their repertoires and had success!

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